Module #7: Christians in the Workplace

From January 14th to April 29th, 2018

Does God care about our work?
Is work part of the curse or always part of the God’s plan?
Are there more valuable occupations?
What should I look for, my vocation or my occupation?

Course outline: 

Class 1: The Design of Work
Class2: The Dignity of Work
Class3: Work as Cultivation
Class4: Work as Service
Class5: Work Becomes Fruitless and Pointless
Class 6: Work Becomes Selfish and Reveals Our Idols
Class 7: A New Story for Work: Stories and Worldviews
Class 8: The Christian Worldview Shapes All Work
Class 9: A New Conception of Work – Part 1
Class 10: A New Conception of Work – Part 2
Class 11: A New Compass for Work
Class 12: A New Power for Work
Class 13: Leading People to Integrate Faith and Work


Pastor Clinton, Eli da Silva, Guilherme Monteiro