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  1. Colin Gilchrist
    Colin Gilchrist says:

    If the Sabbath is not a specific day – then why was God so upset with his people in the bible when they disobeyed it on a certain day? Because if it wasn’t a specific day as you say then why was God so upset in relation to a specific day of the week when it was disobeyed. Did the people inform God that on this day, they have chosen for their Sabbath – and we will be engaged in all sorts of work and things which will be the very opposite of rest and in acknowledging you.
    It is God who has chosen which day the Sabbath is because it is the day he had chosen to rest after the creation of the earth. It isn’t our decision when the Sabbath should be – because the Sabbath is not for us – it is to bring glory to God. Our own present Gregorian calendar implemented in 46BC (by Julius Caesar) shows Saturday as the last day of the week – and yet Sunday in the same calendar shows it as being the first day of the week. If we have been using the same calendar (Gregorian Calendar) since 46 BC – which clearly shows Saturday as being the Sabbath and which our Judea n Christian roots regarded as being the Sabbath as well – why did we decide to no longer regard Sabbath as being Saturday (evidenced by not removing Jesus body in the Tomb) and instead adopted Sunday as the Sabbath??


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