Module #2: How to Study the Bible

From September 10th to December 10th, 2017

Is the Bible the Word of God?

Is the Bible worth trusting?

How can we interpret the Bible?

Is the Bible really relevant for our time and for our lives?

Course outline: 

Class 1: What is the Bible?

Class 2: Is the Bible Reliable?

Class 3: The Unity of the Bible: How do the Old and New Testaments relate?

Class 4: How to interpret the Bible?

Class 5: The Bible as Literature

Class 6: Genres I: Narratives and Histories

Class 7: Genres II: Prophetic and Apocalyptic Literature

Class 8: Genres III: Poetic and Wisdom Writings

Class 9: Genres IV: Gospels

Class 10: Genres V: Epistles

Class 11: How can we interprete difficult passages? (part I)

Class 12: How can we interprete difficult passages? (part II)

Class 13: The Inductive Study Method


Pr. Clinton César, Jason Orr, Luisa Cisterna