Module #1: Living as a Church

From September 10th to December 10, 2017

What do you think about CHURCH?

Is CHURCH really necessary?

What’s your role in the CHURCH?

What kind of CHURCH should we be?

Course outline: 

Class 1: Unity: A Display of God’s Glory in the Local Church(Download)

Class 2: Membership: Unity through Depth of Commitment(Download)

Class 3: Diversity: Unity through Breadth of Commitment(Download)

Class 4: Preaching & Prayer: The Foundation for Unity(Download)

Class 5: Church Governance: Godly Authority Fostering Unity(Download)

Class 6: Church Fellowship: Building a Bond of Unity(Download)

Class 7: Discontentment within the Church: A Test of Unity

Class 8: Church Leadership: Submission for the Sake of Unity

Class 9: Church Discipline: Preserving God-Glorifying Unity

Class 10: Encouragement: Safeguarding Unity in Holiness

Class 11: Giving and Service: Sacrifice for the Sake of Unity

Class 12: Corporate Worship: Celebrating God-Given Unity

Class 13: Evangelism: A Harvest of Unity


Daniel Portela, Morgan Wolf, Nick Debrey