Dale & Ann Little

Serving with the Evangelical Free church of Canada Mission in Tokyo, Japan

Dale & Ann Little live in Sumida-ku, Tokyo, Japan.  They have served in Japan since 1984, living in Nagoya (8 years), Sendai (1 year) and Tokyo (16 years). Their primary ministry is church planting, and they are currently leading the Tokyo Multicultural Church that they launched in their neighborhood in April, 2013 (this is their 3rd church plant in Japan). Dale teaches theology part time in Tokyo and Canada and also helps to network evangelical missionaries in Japan.
“The purpose of our lifetime ministry in Japan is to encourage BOTH the vision for church planting and strengthening AND the development of evangelical theology which gives rise to that vision.” The Littles

Doug & Connie Inglis

Serving with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Chiang Mai, Thailand & Region

Doug and Connie Inglis work with Wycliffe Bible Translators Canada (WBTC) serving as translators, literacy workers, and linguistic consultants. In Southeast Asia since 1990, they have worked with the Molbog and Ngochang people groups, and are currently completing the New Testament for the Shatikha people, for 2019. Doug (PhD in Linguistics) is associated with Payap University in Thailand, teaches and trains Asian nationals, and serves as a linguistics consultant for other translation projects in the region. Connie (BA English) tutors Asian students in the translation program at Payap University, edits prayer guides, and helps with broader communication for WBTC. They have three children (Michal, Kendra, James) who grew up in Asia, and three grandchildren.

Gordon & Norma Pike

Serving with ReachGlobal and ProMETA in Tennessee, USA for Latin America

Gordon Pike teaches internet-based training through an online educational platform called ProMETA, a Latin America Training Network for Spanish-speaking Christian leaders under ReachGlobal. 
Gordon and Norma Pike have worked with EFC missions since 1983. From 1986 to 1994 they were church planters under the EFCA in Valencia, Venezuela. From 1996 to 2002 they served under the EFCCM at the Rio Grande Bible Institute, a Spanish-speaking Bible school in south Texas. Since 2002 they have served under the EFCA with ProMETA, an online theological education program (seminary) providing masters’ degrees in biblical studies and Christian leadership in Spanish. Gordon is the professor of biblical counseling, associate academic dean and director of this program.
Gordon has a student living in Venezuela and asks us to please pray for our brothers and sisters in Venezuela as they are experiencing hard times in this country. Lack of medicine and long food lines makes it very difficult to live a normal life.

Jason & Andrea Miller

Serving with the Evangelical Free church of Canada Mission in the Philippines

Jason Miller serves as chaplain and Bible teacher at Faith Academy in Manila, Philippines. Faith Academy is a boarding school that serves the needs of missionaries and other expat families living throughout Asia. He and his wife Andrea have five boys: Elijah, Korban, Simeon, Lazarus and Boaz.

Jim & Shari Cottrill

Church Planting in Central Mexico with Camino Global

Jim & Shari live in Ixtapaluca, Mexico City with their 2 children, Hannah and Nathanael. They have worked since 2008 to share the Truth and Love of Jesus Christ in Central Mexico. They have been involved in a church plant at Path of Life Bible Church in Santa Barbara, followed by one at Path of Life Bible Church in Jesus Maria and are now at Path of Life Bible Church in Las Palmas, all of which are located in Ixtapaluca, Mexico City. There was no church in the community of Jesus Maria until 2010, when the first service was held in a small rented house. Construction of a new property began in 2013 and the sanctuary roof was completed in 2017. Construction of the church in Jesus Maria is still ongoing. The new church plant in Las Palmas had its first service in November 2016 in a party hall with 30 people in attendance.
The Cottrills are involved in many ministries including Bible studies, preaching, children’s ministry, music ministry, community outreaches, organizing short-term mission teams, teaching community center classes, and more. The focus is on discipleship and evangelism.
Please pray for continued progress of the construction for the church in Jesus Maria and for the people who will make up the new church in Las Palmas. Pray for endurance as the Cottrills prepare and carry out their ministries, and provision as they work to get their permanent visas. Pray for their children (Hannah and Nathanael) that they will be protected and grow in the grace of God.
Note that First Free is Jim & Shari’s home church.

Helen Blackburn

Serving with Evangelical Free Church of Canada Mission in Bolivia

Helen started her missional work in Bolivia in 2011. She lives in the region of San Andreas beside a boys’ home where she provides mentorship and does a lot of gardening and land development work. The Candelero Boys’ Home opens its doors to boys who have been abandoned and who are seeking to escape the poverty of Tarija, a nearby city. Helen also mentors kids at a drop-in centre/support centre in the city of Tarija where she helps children with their homework, reads the Bible and plays games. In addition, Helen is involved in a coffee house outreach where she teaches English (to adults and children). To fulfill Alberta Health Care requirements, Helen now stays half the year in Bolivia and half the year in Canada.

Norm & Michelle Smith

Serving with the Evangelical Free church of Canada Mission and ReachGlobal in Hungary

Norm and Michelle Smith are missionaries who served in Budapest, Hungary, and are now based in New Westminister, BC. They serve Europe from Canada via the internet and by taking major trips to Europe twice a year to attend and host missionary conferences. Norm’s primary ministry is being the events coordinator for Reachglobal Europe Area. Michelle uses sign language as a tool to serve the Lord by being involved in the deaf community both in Canada and Hungary. Michelle is currently completing an American Sign Language Interpretation program at Douglas College to become a “professional interpreter.” She conducts a summer outreach by training young people for street evangelism and camp work, and is involved in a summer camp for the deaf in Budapest, Hungary every year.

Paulo Requia

Serving with North American Baptist (NAB) Missions and Teach Beyond in the southernmost state of Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul

In June 2016, Paulo became an ordained minister and in that same year was accepted as a partner missionary with the NAB Church and as missionary with Teach Beyond. He is serving in the poor communities of southern Brazil by transforming lives through education. His wife Lyndell Requia is a seminary professor in the same state with North American Baptist Missions.

Paulo’s ministry is to give guitar, music, and English lessons and teach the Bible. TeachBeyond is partnering with his church, the Niteroi Baptist Church, to assist in reaching out to the community by offering free ballet, soccer and English lessons. Through his church, he is also helping to run a drug and alcohol rehab center. His future goals are to start a language and music Academy using the Bible and Christian songs, to start a Christian School and to plant a Baptist Church.

There are two Christian camps where Paulo lives, one run by TeachBeyond and the other called the Word of Life Camp. A project was set up to help fund children and youth to attend these camps. So far, this project was able to send eight children to summer camps, three to winter camps, and others to day camps. If you are interested in sponsoring a child from the slums of Brazil to go to Christian camp, please consider making a donation. The cost of the camp is $150 per camper.

Pray that the different classes being offered would improve the quality of life of the children and youth. Please pray for the community outreach programs at the Niteroi Baptist Church.

Phil & Jan Foster

Serving with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Nebraska, USA

Phil and Jan Foster are involved in the HR Finance Department in Wycliffe, an important role that affects all Wycliffe members.

Phil and Jan met at Prairie Bible College in Three Hills, Alberta, Canada, were married in 1971 and became accepted as members of Wycliffe in 1973. They have had numerous assignments with Wycliffe that have taken them to the JAARS Center in North Carolina (where the book of Luke was printed in the Pennsylvania Dutch dialect), Canada (where Phil began the printing program for Wycliffe’s Canadian Division), Guatemala (to manage the print shop and help complete five New Testaments that have been translated), and the International Publishing Department in Dallas, Texas. In 1998, they became the facilitators for the Lakota Sioux Bible Translation Project in South Dakota and for the Stoney Bible Translation Project in Alberta. In 2006, Phil and Jan were asked to be part of the team working on strategy for reaching the Hutterite peoples in Canada. The U.S. restructuring in 2008 led Phil to focus on project funding for all the language projects in the Americas. In 2015, Phil and Jan joined the HR finance team.

Tim & Lorna Jacobson

SIM (Serving In Mission) in Toronto for SIM Canada and SIM International

Tim & Lorna Jacobson serve the Lord in Canada and internationally where Lorna is the SIM Canada coordinator for MK (Missionary Kid) Care and Tim is the Theological Education Ministry point person for SIM International. Lorna supports about 50 families that include over 100 children in the many special challenges, stresses, and opportunities that come with global missions. Tim leads a team of global regional coordinators who support the people and the ministries that focus on equipping others for ministry. Tim’s special focus is East Africa and especially Ethiopia where there are over 160 formal training programs at various levels plus many non-formal training initiatives.

Claudia Cisterna

Alberta, Canada

Serving with InterVarsity Pioneer Camp Alberta, Rocky Mountain House, Claudia is involved in all aspects of camp life with children, youth, and university students.

Mission Partners

For more information about our Mission’s Ministry please contact us at office@freechurchcalgary.com