These values are central to life at First Free

This list gives you a glimpse of what is important to us as a church. We invite you to get in touch with us if you would like more details about these and other values.

The Bible

God is the ultimate reason for our existence. Because of that, His Word, expressed in the Holy Bible, is the foundation for our relationship with Him. We are always studying and sharing the Bible with one another, with reverence and passion, believing that the Holy Spirit will guide us to the truth of God. At First Free, we take biblical and contextualized preaching very seriously.


Just as we really want to hear God's voice and know His will for our lives, we also want to talk to Him. We value prayer as the medium God provided for us to talk to Him about our lives, our dreams, our problems, and about His kingdom. It is in this wonderful process of listening and speaking with God that we draw closer to Him and can develop a true and transforming relationship with Him.

Loving Character

Our relationship with God has a tremendous impact on our lives. For example, in the way we relate to our families, friends, and even strangers. With Him, we learn to truly love people. God puts love in our hearts in such a way that we want to live our lives with honesty, integrity, and with genuine concern for one another. We do not want to live with hypocrisy. People are not disposable. That is why we love, invest, and cultivate healthy relationships. We know that people are flawed and that is why we value true, transparent friendships that show love, truth, and forgiveness. We are learning to be patient with one another as God is at work in our lives.

Outward mindset

Naturally, we feel obliged and honoured to speak of this wonderful God. His love and His salvation must be known to others. How could we be silent about Him? The gratitude we feel drives us to live a lifestyle that shares His love everywhere We are not a social club with an inward mindset, but a community of disciples who make disciples. We are not consumers, but providers. Our life is a life of service to God and people. We want to live, to relate, and to make our decisions with the Eternal Kingdom in our minds. We want to have all areas of our lives impacted by God's eternal values.


Finally, we highly value our community celebrations and connecting groups. These are the special times we meet to learn together from the Holy Scriptures, to worship our God with songs of praises, and present our prayers before Him. We love the time we spend with one another. We enjoy each other's company and friendship and we encourage and support one another to grow in our love for Jesus and for each other.